Name: Misa River

Born: 17/09/97

Quick Bio: 

I’m a young south african living in Johannesburg. Currently a film student at AFDA, I’m an aspiring film-maker and lifestyle blogger. I relish in novels and photography as well as interior design. I truly appreciate the beauty in nature and the richness in culture & heritage. I wish to travel around the world, learning about different customs and trying out traditional (vegan) dishes.

I’m an active supporter of the LGBTQ community. The BLM movement and an activist for women of colour and people of colour as well as Mental Illness issues. I believe all voices should be heard, all cries for help and change should be heeded and that love and equality overrules all things this universe gives us.

Anyways, You’ll probably find me sipping coffee, reading zines and watching old films and crime documentaries .

I hope you’ve decided to join me in my journey. (follow me by email or through the WordPress platform)

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Email me: misariver.sa@gmail.com

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