Halsey & Her Kingdom

Everybody knows Ashley Nicolette Frangipane known as her stage name Halsey, which she is referenced from the Halsey Street station of the NYC Subway in Brooklyn and an anagram from her first name.  This American pop star is of Hungarian and Italian descent from her mothers side, and African-American as well as Irish descent from her fathers side. This multi-cultured singer,  the Badlands Princess, Recently, released her second and latest album “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” on June the 2nd . This alternative electro-pop album is influenced by Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The music video for the track ‘Now or Never‘ was influenced by Baz Lurhman’s film adaption of ‘Romeo + Juliet‘ in 1996. The video and it’s setting had elements of Baz Lurhman’s signature which he uses in his visually aesthetic hyperbolic films. The album was announced as #1 on the Billboard 200. She is now currently on her HFK Tour.

Her music has had a profound influence in my life through my creative work and my perception of everyday life, getting in touch with my feelings and emotions. The HFK album took the pop industry by storm. It shook the ‘norms’ of what a general pop album should consist of. She changed the whole game with the tracks:

Strangers ft. Lauren Jauregui

Angel on Fire

Don’t Play

The one minute narrative, ‘Good Mourning

as well as the powerful and sensational, ‘Bad at Love



I predict that Halsey would make a huge mark in the pop industry. At her young age of 22 and her huge fast success, there is definitely so much more she will produce and offer. The fans cannot wait for her bright future. I truly hope (as a film student and a fan of both Baz and Halsey) that they could one day collaborate. My mind would explode. In other words…

I would be shook.


article by: misa river











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