Inked Inspiration

My love for tattoos just recently blossomed. I was that shy Christian girl that promised to God that I would never ink my body. However, as I grew up and experienced new things, I’ve found the art and the beauty in tattoos. The kind of beauty and art you’d want on your body. The kind of art to tell a story before you utter it. The kind of art that portrays your personality and your character. I want that for myself. I want to feel like a piece of art, I want to feel beautiful and invincible. Hopefully these following tattoo inspirations could do just that for myself.

These are my tattoo inspirations and my potential choices in the future: 


I find this eye symbol on the back of a leg super rad & unique. 


I absolutely appreciate the softness of tiny tattoos behind the ears. It’s cute & sweet. 


Symbols on fingers are hella sweet. I love the softness and the beauty in these ones. 


My love for bees in tattoo form. This is incredibly breathtaking. I am in love.


I find this rose on the hip very sexual & sensual. It’s definitely one of my faves.


As a film student. I would definitely love a character from a film on my body. Especially if it’s as notorious as Uma Thurman’s in Pulp Fiction. 

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